Mtn Trails

Design and Compliance

At Mtn. Trails, we work hard to adhere to sustainable building practices. This results in unique trails with the lowest level of ecological footprint possible.

Our team and trails comply with all industry regulations. It is integral that each trail is suitable for the intended purpose and that construction is safe for everyone involved. 

We also utilise materials from each site in different and unusual ways to create memorable and exhilarating trails in the Tasmanian wilderness.

We reuse and recycle whenever possible.

Ecological Footprint

Our impact on the environment is at the forefront of every decision we make. We adhere to strict guidelines and conduct site assessments throughout the lifetime of each project. 

We develop project and site-specific Construction Environmental Management Plans to reduce the environmental impact associated with trail construction and maintenance. This preserves the landscape and existing flora and fauna to ensure that it continues to flourish. 

For example, we work with experts to identify threatened species and areas of high conservation value. From there, we cater our trail design, construction and materials used to suit the ecosystem. 

We do what is right, not what is easy. 

Complete Compliance

At Mtn. Trails we ensure every design meets Australian Walking Track Classification and Signage (AS 2156.1-2001) standards and International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) guidelines. 

Before work commences on a project, we anticipate and manage risk to prevent any foreseeable issues. 

For example, factors such as remoteness, scope, logistics, weather and crew safety have all been managed effectively during the construction of the Three Capes Track.

The safety of our employees and sub-contractors is also paramount. With you, we prepare detailed Work Health and Safety documentation that complies with the Work Health and Safety Act 2012 and Work Health and Safety Regulations 2012. 

Our meticulous planning means every project runs smoothly.

Trail Design

At Mtn. Trails, we are renowned for having a particular ‘feel’ that challenges and excites both riders and walkers alike. Our trails allow you to explore the Tasmanian wilderness and its unique terrain.  

Our team mark trail corridors and ensure that gradients are sustainable to guarantee the longevity of every design. 

We develop detailed construction notes to compliment the site preparation. This ensures the trail design comes to life as planned. This also allows for the identification of specific areas for hardening, berms, climbing turns, switchbacks and technical trail features.  

Adventure awaits…