Mtn Trails

Our Process

People love being outdoors, and at Mtn. Trails we endeavour to make that experience unforgettable.

Using sustainable practices and skilled craftsmanship, we build trails and structures that blend into the landscape and protect the environment. 


At Mtn. Trails, we manage every aspect of your project… from beginning to end.


We work with stone and timber to design trails that not only have the lowest level of ecological footprint but are considerate of the cultural and heritage values of the area. 

We calculate every twist and turn, to the nth degree so you can explore, experience and enjoy every moment. 

With extensive experience across a broad collection of projects, our team understands the land and how it behaves. 

We deliver projects with the best outcome for the community, the environment and your budget.
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At Mtn. Trails, we combine hand crafted tools, techniques and modern machinery with locally-sourced materials to create aesthetic, sustainable and timeless structures.

This means your trail blends seamlessly into the landscape- so that no-one would know it was new. 

Our expert team can undertake and manage multiple projects at once, with ease. We have the equipment and skills to bring your design to life – even in the most remote and physically difficult terrain. 

Mtn. Trails can cater for projects of any size.


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Maintenance and Upgrades

We specialise in the auditing, assessment, repair and redirection of trails and structures. We are renowned for our processes which enable you to better manage current infrastructure, develop funding plans and meet maintenance obligations. 

We ensure your trail conforms to standards and provide comprehensive action-plans when required. 

We aim to improve the outdoor experience for all trail users.