Mtn Trails

Our Materials

To construct each trail, we use a combination of timber and stone. Wherever possible, we use locally-sourced materials and ensure they always meet (or exceed) industry standard.

Our long-standing relationships with suppliers ensure we can provide you with high quality materials, on demand and at competitive prices. 


Using local resources, we build trails that reflect the landscape and withstand all weather conditions.



We source all timber from Timber Growers Direct – a sustainable and first-rate plantation specialist.

This means we reduce waste, increase efficiency and only use products of the highest quality. 

We use renewable resources to ensure every trail is sustainable and long lasting.


Trails that will last for years to come. 


All stone used in construction is sourced from local quarry operators.

These suppliers meet industry and self-enforced hygiene practices, which reduces the spread of soil-borne infections and environmental damage. 

Our staff hand-pick all stone to ensure the aesthetic and durability of every trail. We design structures that reflect the natural characteristics of the area. 


We forge new trails from nature itself.