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Our portfolio spans both locally and interstate which has allowed us to work on a vast array of projects, from Government initiatives to small-scale, domestic designs. 

We are also involved in community projects to develop recreational facilities for young people and share our passion for riding with likeminded mountain bike enthusiasts.   

No matter the scale, our projects are always sustainable.
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Government Projects

Three Capes Track - Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service

Together with Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service (PWS), Mtn. Trails was heavily involved in the construction of the Three Capes Track on the Tasman Peninsular.

Located in the Tasman National Park, this multi-day walking trail spans 46 kilometres, beginning at Port Arthur Historic Site. Hikers are guided through landscapes, rich with flora and fauna to Cape Hauy, Cape Pillar and views to Cape Raoul. 

The Tasman National Park is renown for its kelp forests, dolerite sea cliffs and unique species. To preserve these natural values, we constructed much of the trail and infrastructure by hand, only using machinery when necessary. This machinery included power carriers, excavators, compactors and rock lifting devices. 

Due to the remote nature of the Three Capes Track, we also used helicopters to transport rock, gravel and equipment to each site. This proved challenging with the erratic, south-easterly weather; however, our team worked tirelessly – rail, hail or shine.

The seamless integration between art, engineering and nature is evident throughout the trail and demonstrates our considered approach and meticulous attention to detail. In particular, the stone staircase at Mount Arthur, stone arch bridge at Cape Hauy and the boardwalk around Hurricane Heath. 

 This project (in conjunction with our trail work at Cape Hauy) was constructed over a four year period with the expertise and craftsmanship of 32 Mtn. Trails staff. The track was officially opened in December 2015 and so far, has attracted over 7000 hikers. 


The Three Capes Track is multi-million-dollar walking trail that has become an iconic destination for locals and tourists alike.

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Three Capes Track Website

Council Projects

Hobart and Glenorchy City Councils - The North-South Track

Starting at The Springs on Mount Wellington, The North-South Track is a shared-use trail designed for hikers and mountain bike riders. The trail stretches 10.5km, winding through temperate and open sclerophyll forests to finish at Glenorchy Mountain Bike Park. 

Construction of The North-South Track began in 2006 and true to the company’s ethos, we incorporated the use of hand tools and traditional construction techniques along with natural resources located on-site. This ensured the project was sustainable, weather-resistant and reflected the natural beauty of Wellington Park. 

For example, the boulder field and log ride were paved and excavated by hand. The Clapper bridge (located at Newtown Rivulet) is also constructed from a 2.5 tonne rock, which was hand-winched into place.

Our team worked tirelessly to design, mark and sculpt the trail into the landscape. We conducted detailed assessments of flora and fauna and worked to preserve the natural and cultural values of the area.  

The trail includes multiple obstacles such as drop-offs, wooden bridges and berms designed to challenge and excite all trail users. 

The North-South Track is one of Tasmania’s most iconic shared-use trails.

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